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Migos ""Avalanche"" Lyrics:

[Verse: Quavo]

Poppa was a rolling stone, but now I got rolling stones in the bezel (ice)
Momma at home all alone, hustling trying to keep this shit together (momma)
Young n***a smoking on gas, I’m living too fast, my foot on the pedal (whoo)
If I got back to the past, my n***as ain’t know we’d be rockin’ Coachella (hey)
If a n***a ever try me or play me, I buy him an iced out shovel (ice)
Dig ya own grave n***a, you played yourself, I put some cash on your schedule (you played yourself)
If a bitch ever try to filet me huh, I just sit back and let her (she got it)
Think she come up of the Cho, it’s whatever, my pockets came with extra cheddar (go)
I can see through the fuck shit (fuck shit), I think that my skills getting better (getting better)
With a stick, come in peace, Mandela (Mandela), I’m willing to feed whoever (who)
How can I help you? (how)
Nobody judge you but God (God)
You can watch us beat the odds (beat it)
This ain’t no cap, no facade
Young, rich, and black, and we gon’ beat the charge (we gone)
I’m spending cash, no card
I’m liking her natural ass, no fraud (yeah)
If she got a fake ass, of course, girl ain’t nothin’ wrong with enhancing, it’s yours
From the back, from the back we enjoy it (soo)
100 rack I’ma attack with my boys (attack)
Got the clip walking out we be showin’ (showin’)
Anybody check clout we be knowin’ (clout)
In and out, in and out we be goin’ (goin’)
On a 757 Boeing (jet)
And my AP same size as the Forum (that’s big)
Better get you some bread where you from (yeah)

[Verse: Offset]

I spend my mill’s on the crib (matching)
Cover myself, F\u0026N is my shit (cover)
I spent dime, go run you a drill (dime)
If you do the time, come home to a meal (time)
Double my seal (double), sign another deal (sign)
G6 pills (G), money give me chills (chills)
I make the bitch hit her knees, she kneel (bitch)
I make the stick hit when I’m in the field (stick)
I made your bitch lick it up like ew (uhh)
Spend 100 racks on the teeth, not a grill (racks)
Lookin’ at your diamonds on your neck ain’t real (who)
N***a you a bitch, let the Draco kill (bitch)
Heard what I said (heard)
Spinnin’ your block every day til’ your dead (spin, spin)
Live on the edge, codeine my meds (codeine)
Open your legs (legs), I fuck with my stick in the bed (rrraow)
We shootin’, not fighting like Craig (bow)
Bad bitches they DM, they still in my thread (DM)
They ain’t never give us our cred (cred)
Patek rose gold with the face ruby red (ruby)
Put a hole in your head, not your legs (hey)
Put my hands on her head, she a pet (ow)
M.I.G.O, n***a that’s the set (Migo)
Fuck that P.O., I’ma just pay it (who)
White glass in my Lambo, it look like its albino
I hit your bitch, she say “ouch”, hit a high note (ouch)
I’m Richie Rich like Lionel (Richie Rich)
Count your blessings, don’t worry about the rival (hey)
Grandma told me, “Go read the Bible” (grandma)
Should’ve listened, still look at the sky though (sky)
Sifter sippin’, this not the moscato (sifter sippin’)
Bitch I’m gifted, I’m smokin’ gelato (bitch I’m gifted)

[Verse: Takeoff]

We been the n***as that steppin’
We came in the do’ and they takin’ the flow, call it repo (bite)
My dog he gon’ bite, no Chico (grrr)
Get hit with the Draco and make him with Rico (brrr)
Ain’t shopping Rodeo
You wanna see the 3 Migos, then turn on your Vivo (Vivo)
The Wraith colored mayo (white)
And the cheese like I ate a bag of some Cheeto’s (cheese)
They must’ve forgot we the Migos (forgot)
Straight from the Nawf out the bando (bando)
I done been quiet for too long (too long)
I copped that Cuban, it’s two-toned (two-toned)
I heard he trappin’, they tappin’ that static
Tell that boy go get a new phone (brrring)
Out In Bel-Air, copped a new home (new home)
Avalanche with the blue stone (ice)
I’m the shit, can’t find a fit, my neck is a fridge
The rings and wrists, I retro’d the kicks
Ain’t givin’ no kiss, I’m givin’ her dick
You staring too long, like you seen a ghost
So whip out your camera, take you a pic
So when you get home, get back on your phone
Zoom in on the flick, and look at the drip
She asked me to pay for the ass to get lifted
I told her I’m better of getting you a Lyft
Think I’ma put all my trust in a ho with no benefits
Tell her go jump off a cliff
I go through 230 a cup of that purple
Put ice in my drink just to keep on chill (lean)
Fuck all that talk you ain’t been in the field (nah)
Open my bank account and it give me chills (chills)


Ajee Glover
Ajee Glover Acum 18 minute
They gotta sample motown beats more often
Lon_ Acum 21 minut
3:00 is the best part no cap😂🔥
Diamond love
Diamond love Acum 24 minute
They so Smoove man
Hexada Ghost
Hexada Ghost Acum 34 minute
Fkng OFFSEEEEET😭😭😭🔥🔥🔥🔥💀
Kurt Williams
Kurt Williams Acum 35 minute
Universe Class.
Ej Ware
Ej Ware Acum 39 minute
Quavo is the face, Offset the voice, Takeoff got the lyrics🔥🔥🔥
Jay Horton
Jay Horton Acum 48 minute
Takeoff came on this bitch smoove af...
Keisha Dricketts
Keisha Dricketts Acum 48 minute
🔥 🔥🔥
Antony Williams
Antony Williams Acum 54 minute
I am older but this is unusual the bar how can I help you with the stick is a legendary line straight bar!
Salena Johnson
Salena Johnson Acum 56 minute
The temptations sample😥
Eternaïls M
Eternaïls M Acum 58 minute
I don't know what all talking about quavo always bring me that heatt🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🌐
FadeItLuie Acum oră
Takeoff the best
sonia g sesay
sonia g sesay Acum oră
"my neck is a fridge" Takeoff
TUPAC GH Acum oră
Renee Sutherland
Renee Sutherland Acum oră
Renee Sutherland
Renee Sutherland Acum oră
AutoMo_Teal Acum oră
When set hit em with that FN bar! 🥶
Carmen G
Carmen G Acum oră
They killed this 🔥🔥🔥
Renee Sutherland
Renee Sutherland Acum oră
AutoMo_Teal Acum oră
Quavo went in and set the pace!
Rolanda Coleman
Rolanda Coleman Acum oră
These guys are Fierce when it comes to the lyrics and the beat and sample from the Temptations was phenomenal.
AutoMo_Teal Acum oră
This song is fire. talk to em Takeoff!!
Maxwell Grier
Maxwell Grier Acum oră
Best song ever its spody
K-9ine Tha Boss
K-9ine Tha Boss Acum oră
They say Mumble rap😂 them vocals sound crispy and clear to me
Demetria Griffin
Demetria Griffin Acum oră
Ayyyyyyeee this shit hitting...
Don Figga
Don Figga Acum 2 ore
Definitely Official Triple OG Co-Sign! @tripleogdonfigga
Mr GoodNite
Mr GoodNite Acum 2 ore
this sucks on many levels this rap of today sho has gone down!
alberto droguett
alberto droguett Acum 2 ore
''It's important for a lot of young males to value swagger over intelligence. Swagger is important, but intelligence must come before the swagger.''
Heavy Pressure Beats
Heavy Pressure Beats Acum 2 ore
justus nelson
justus nelson Acum 2 ore
justus nelson
justus nelson Acum 2 ore
justus nelson
justus nelson Acum 2 ore
justus nelson
justus nelson Acum 2 ore
princezuxo Acum 2 ore
Bruhhh straight outta freestyle fellowship💀
tiku anthony
tiku anthony Acum 2 ore
The back-ups are always 🔥 damn!!!
John Watts
John Watts Acum 2 ore
No hate but those lyrics mediocre
Cobe Kingston
Cobe Kingston Acum 2 ore
She ask me to pay for the ass get to lifted I told her " I'm better off gettin' you a lyft" 🤣🤣🤣
Veron Haywood
Veron Haywood Acum 2 ore
This is legendary and will alway be remembered, composed with grace💯💯
Zj Famus Beatz
Zj Famus Beatz Acum 2 ore
GamerSplash Acum 2 ore
Offset holy
Handsome B. Toe
Handsome B. Toe Acum 3 ore
Hit 💥💥💥💥🔥💯💯💯💯💯
James Hastings
James Hastings Acum 3 ore
Filming this in one take would have been special
Kashmir Ferris
Kashmir Ferris Acum 3 ore
Got me vibing !!!
Jasun Sky
Jasun Sky Acum 3 ore
Ay this point Take Off being left off Bad and boujee don't even matter 🔥
Misty Barillas
Misty Barillas Acum 3 ore
Mainga Aitkens N
Mainga Aitkens N Acum 3 ore
Takeoff is just different,dawg 🚀
TheCountUp. com
TheCountUp. com Acum 3 ore
Grown man shit; Temptations/Rat Pack Vibe 🔥🔥
Edmund Chief
Edmund Chief Acum 3 ore
Quavo is on fire!!
Lil Murrkz
Lil Murrkz Acum 3 ore
Legendary af
Lil Murrkz
Lil Murrkz Acum 3 ore
Let’s go ‼️‼️‼️✔️
Tiago Rodrigues
Tiago Rodrigues Acum 4 ore
This is "bad and Boujee" Big
Jose Jose
Jose Jose Acum 4 ore
chills were sent through my soul when that beat started to hit back to back on offsets verse. it was then that i knew MIGOS BACK
Vince Brown Eyes Akins
Vince Brown Eyes Akins Acum 4 ore
I love how they share the middle mic 🎤
Kevyn Costa
Kevyn Costa Acum 4 ore
for me, the best song off culture III, we gone!
Fred Jackson
Fred Jackson Acum 4 ore
Takeoff 🛫 came in going ham on the beat 🤓
Jonathan Orellana
Jonathan Orellana Acum 4 ore
This is the Migos we be waiting for takeoff killed this beat on the song 🔥
dirt Acum 4 ore
Shadeen Prince
Shadeen Prince Acum 4 ore
Any one seeing this is going to be successful in life 🧬 🎉🥳🥳🍾🍾🍾🍾🍾🔥🔥🔥
Vette Hodge
Vette Hodge Acum 4 ore
Zeta Davis
Zeta Davis Acum 4 ore
Ok Migos 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Elias el Bouk
Elias el Bouk Acum 4 ore
this shit is too much fireee
FamousIQ808 Acum 4 ore
“She ask for me to pay for ass get lift told I’m better off getting you a lyft”😂😂😂🤟🏾✍🏽🔥🥴
꧁𝔍𝔲𝔰𝔱 𝔅𝔢꧂
꧁𝔍𝔲𝔰𝔱 𝔅𝔢꧂ Acum 4 ore
Take offs part 🔥
Christian Seals
Christian Seals Acum 4 ore
Live for God repent read your Bible pray and have faith I’m him stand firm in it Isaiah 7.9 in Jesus name amen he’s coming soon…
Keira ' Jay
Keira ' Jay Acum 4 ore
The temptation beat is so dope , pops was a rolling stone is a classic song for real!
T M B R N Acum 5 ore
Blessed Leyy
Blessed Leyy Acum 5 ore
Always on point🔥🔥🔥🔥
Jim Cowden
Jim Cowden Acum 5 ore
This shiiii goes hard as fuk
gifi11 Acum 5 ore
This is genius
shonnie_ebonie xo
shonnie_ebonie xo Acum 5 ore
Whoa this song is straight 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
JG310HOE Acum 5 ore
I Got Freestyle Rap Beats 🔥🔥
Zoey Jordan
Zoey Jordan Acum 5 ore
have root in yourself when you understand you grow understanding fulfills please spread understand the bible
fwdfdfsa111133 Acum 5 ore
Please don’t put a kick drum behind the temptations music ever again.. I hope this will be the Migos last album
Earl Nelson
Earl Nelson Acum 5 ore
Takeoff the migos 🐐
Big joneschillin
Big joneschillin Acum 6 ore
“I’m willing to feed whoever how can I help you” that’s that down south grandma held it down talk 😪
Kumi Tezu
Kumi Tezu Acum 6 ore
zulunopsvideos Acum 6 ore
I love migos
Gensen Scott
Gensen Scott Acum 6 ore
CAnwe keep this wave ! Thank y’all for rapping hopefully the rest will step up the bars! Y’all did step it up 🖕🏾🤚🏾💪🏾🔥
x Necromancer
x Necromancer Acum 6 ore
ahh brahhh is always rapping about the same shit bitches and money and i have this and that so fucking boring more of the same crap
christian hornsby
christian hornsby Acum 6 ore
Them boys fly as fuck eh glad I been here since the culture this is pure pride
Jonmiles mseteka
Jonmiles mseteka Acum 6 ore
Mandela worldwide peace 🇿🇦
Olivia Tomlinson
Olivia Tomlinson Acum 6 ore
The Migos are 100x’s more talented, classical, memorable, graceful, and brilliant than Cardi B or Saweetie will ever be. Their delivery and flow is flawless and creativity is out of this world. It took a while but now I’m a real fan. 💯💯💯💯💯
Jonmiles mseteka
Jonmiles mseteka Acum 6 ore
Legend's 🇺🇸💙
The Only Man Left
The Only Man Left Acum 6 ore
Ok! The Wack migo Killin it ! lol
Feeding Frenzy
Feeding Frenzy Acum 6 ore
Mans took off on this track
Foxx Muny
Foxx Muny Acum 6 ore
Migos never left still bad and Boujee
Tinna Maritim
Tinna Maritim Acum 6 ore
Goddammit! A banger for real ❤❤
Jay Steel2
Jay Steel2 Acum 7 ore
Love the old feel to this song. Temptations 4 ever.
Kaz K
Kaz K Acum 7 ore
Takeoff 🛫 killed it
Kreative Kulture TV
Kreative Kulture TV Acum 7 ore
This is the first time I've actually liked one of their songs 🔥🔥🔥
ReCogNation Acum 7 ore
Oralé, that's music! 🇲🇽
Vince Giles
Vince Giles Acum 7 ore
Rose this damn temptations beat so well. I never messed with the migos like that until now. This album has been on heavy rotation
Matthew Byrd
Matthew Byrd Acum 7 ore
Classic legendary shit
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